Organic Coconut Oil Coconut Country Living

Organic Coconut Oil Coconut Country Living
  • USDA organic raw organic extra-virgin cold-pressed coconut oil in glass jar gives you not only the benefits of coconuts at the peak of ripeness. It also locks in maximum taste and nutrients, pesticide, hexane, and gluten free
  • HIGHER MCTs KEEP YOU SLIM: This gold label coconut oil contains a higher ratio of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for healthy weight management and weight loss, optimizing good cholesterol and blood sugar levels, so your heart loves you back during exercise routines while the benefits of a keto diet help you meet your health goals as you impress your dentist with clean teeth and naturally fresh breath from detoxifying oil pulls
  • NOW YOU’RE COOKIN! With its THICK CREAMY TASTE AND PLEASANT AROMA cold processed at the perfect temperature, you need not worry about the watered down moldy nightmare of coconut oil gone rancid. With a high melting point, coconut, as a natural cooking oil, for sauteeing as an oil spray or for stir fries and baking, TREAT YOURSELF to delicious desserts like paleo friendly or ketogenic dark chocolate fat bombs, healthy protein bars, or bulletproof organic coffee.
  • 16.91 FL OZ (500 ml)