Kiro Coffee 2 Ounce Sample Bags Gifts

Kiro Coffee 2 Ounce Sample Bags Gifts

So you're trying to figure out how to make your huge quantity of customers feel special and not spend Santa's new sleigh money at the same time. Ever thought about giving coffee samples as gifts? Your family or customers will absolutely love coffee.

1. Pick your variety

2. Pick your quantity

3. Get free shipping

Whew! Now the hard part is over and the real fun begins!

4. Pick up your samples from your doorstep (careful they may be heavy and smell delicious)

5. Give your samples to your beloved customers

6. Receive lots of hugs and "Oh my gosh I love coffee, you're the best" and "this is why I love doing business with you because you're sooooo thoughtful" and "I'll be your customer forever and ever!"

7. Maybe keep a few for your own stash

It's as simple as that. Your fretting over how hard it is to give a good unique gift to lots of different customers is now over.