Manual Coffee Burr Grinder

Manual Coffee Burr Grinder

Elegant, High-Quality Design

Brushed stainless steel is attractive as well as durable and is also the best modern solution for your grinding needs.

Long folding handle for a sturdy grip and a static-free, consistent grind.

Ceramic burrs are easy to clean and work perfect with fresh beans, nuts, and even spices.

The Perfect Coffee Experience

The Stainless Steel Manual Burr Coffee Grinder is very user-friendly and easy to adjust to your favorite grind setting, whether it be fine, coarse, or anywhere in between. Quieter than electric grinders and faster than other manual ones, this grinder makes a cup of coffee fast without difficulty.


This grinder is the ultimate quick fix for all brewing methods, including espresso, drip, pour over, French press, or Turkish, and due to its slim, lightweight size, it can be taken anywhere you go, from the beach to campgrounds to your friend’s house.

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