Costa Rican

Costa Rican

Costa Rica Jhonnathan Camacho - Finca Llano Bonito - Black Honey

The Cup
Roast Level: Medium

Cupping Notes:

Acidity: Medium

Body: Medium

Flavor: Caramel, chocolate, and lime 

The Specs
Proc Method Various Honey processes (red, yellow, black)

12 oz


The Story
Costa Rica's now-famous "honey" process takes many shapes, forms—and colors! While it varies from producer to producer and mill to mill, as a general rule the honey process is a kind of variation on a pulped-natural preparation, and entails the coffee beans being left in some amount of its sticky mucilage and fermented before removal.
This lot comprises coffees blended from a collection of our smallholder partners in Costa Rica, and is generally slightly less fruit-forward than many of the individual honey-process lots we offer throughout the season. This coffee presents very drinkable characteristics classic to Costa Rican coffees, with a sweetness and a creamy body contributed by the process.