The Most Advanced Coffee and Espresso Cart in Cincinnati, Ohio

We've consulted with the leading experts in the coffee industry to compile a coffee shop on wheels. Made from extruded aluminum, the Kiro Coffee Cart is highly mobile, lightweight, and sturdy. This makes it convenient to move to venue locations such as parties, festivals, weddings, business events, showers, and other special occasions.

Photo Credit @carolinedrennenvideography

Cart features include a high quality espresso machine with the capacity to serve premium quality espresso drinks swiftly and effeciently. We are able to concoct specialty handcrafted iced teas.

An on demand nitrogen tap for premium nitro cold brew coffee. This gives the cold brew coffee a rich and creamy character with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel. 

Sanitation is a high priority in at Kiro Coffee which is why we've equipped our mobile coffee cart with all internal plumbing, hand-washing sink, and a high pressure rinser for superior cleanliness and maximum efficiency. 
Our tabletop is made entirely from reclaimed wood in which our cart calls home at Gertz Garden Center. It was originally reclaimed from a large garage which was part of  the Stearns and Foster mattress factory built in the early 1900's. This local staple once housed over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and employeed over 1,200 people. Ohio Valley Reclaimed turned our 100 year old wood planks into something of tremendous beauty.

Even our Nitro cold brew tap handle is spun from this 100 year old wood.

If you're needing a unique coffee experience for your event please call:

513-445-4808, email, Facebook messenger, or instagram @kirocoffee for rental dates and rates.

Keep up to date by joining our email list. We will be at Gertz Garden Center every Saturday from 8am-2pm and Reading Feed and Garden Sundays from 9-3. See you there!

Photo Credit @irisespresso