Our Why


Kiro Coffee (chi·ro cof·fee) cannot exist unless we have a mission that is bigger than our company. Our mission is to help opiate and heroin addicts gain access to the hand healing arts of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy. From each purchase, a portion will be donated to organizations that help achieve this goal. By funding and powering these organizations, we can enable changes in legislation that prioritize chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy before potentially addictive opiate prescription drugs.

How it all started:

As a local Cincinnati, OH chiropractor, I was treating a prominent pastor from a local church. The pastor and I would talk regularly about his local outreach program called Urban Outreach. The organization holds regular meetings where addicts and homeless congregate to enjoy ministry, fellowship, and a good meal. They meet in the blistering heat and the bone chilling cold, sometimes well over 100 followers attend.  I told the pastor about the neurological pathways stimulated from a chiropractic adjustment and how they were similar to that of some commonly prescribed narcotics. It sparked his interest and I eagerly invited the pastor to bring recovering addicts to my office to receive treatment.

The results have been amazing to say the least. Although, it wasn't the results that spurred my interest to create Kiro Coffee, it was the people I was helping. One by one, I listened to their story. These recovering addicts were everyday people with good families and good jobs. I heard story after story about how their low back pain, neck pain, or headache led them down the typical medical route of prescription opiate drugs. After the drugs weren't enough or they couldn't get their scripts filled, they turned to illegal narcotics and their lives would eventually end up in turmoil.

Throughout the process of their treatment I ask each individual one bold question..."What if you had known about chiropractic care sooner?" The long pause they have after I ask the question was enough for me to take massive action on the current epidemic of opiate and heroin addiction. This is how Kiro Coffee was born.