True or False...Dark or bold coffee has more caffeine?

September 05, 2016 Kelly Duffner

This is fallacy. The more a coffee is roasted, the less caffeine will have once brewed. This is due to over-roasting  of the coffee (coughstarbuckscough) which has disastrous  consequences on caffeine content and flavor profile.              Roasting coffee beans is the last step done to them before they are ground up and brewed, and is one of the most important steps that has the most impact on the flavor of the coffee once it is brewed. Once coffee beans have been selected, it is essential to figure out the best way to roast them to...

Coffee Growing Regions of Ethiopia, Columbia, and Hawaii

September 05, 2016 Kelly Duffner

            Throughout the world, there are several different places where coffee growing is ideal, known as coffee growing regions. Regions such as Ethiopia, Columbia, and Hawaii are known to produce some of the best coffee, all of which having their own unique flavors.             In Ethiopia, there are two main processing methods that are used: natural, and washed. The coffee that is produced by what is known as natural processing is known to be more fruity with notes of blueberries or cherries, and heavier on the tongue, with a sort of deep red wine flavor. Coffee in Ethiopia that is...