New Research: Chiropractic Reduces Opioid Medication by 57% - Former Dartmouth Doctor

March 22, 2017 Kiro Coffee

New research from a former Dartmouth Doctor presented at the New Hampshire Annual Chiropractic Association meeting states that seeing a chiropractor can reduce opioid prescriptions by as much as 57%. This is in light of the continued growth of the current opioid and heroin epidemic. Chiropractic care can prove beneficial given that most heroin users first start on properly prescribed opioid medications. Unfortunately, many patients are steered towards potentially dangerous medications due to the sole fact that often times insurance copays are cheaper to see a medical doctor instead of a doctor of chiropractor. Until insurance companies lessen the burden of copays on their current consumers for necessary chiropractic care, the opioid epidemic for lower back pain suffers won't be solved anytime soon.


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