My First Go With the Inverted Aeropress Coffee Brewer

July 25, 2017 Kiro Coffee

I've recently been experimenting with the Aeropress brewer. The compactness, portability, and ease of use make the Aeropress a necessity to any coffee lover's repertoire. If you're tight on countertop space or luggage room, the Aeropress is the best solution I've come across thus far. In a previous post, I was traveling around with my Duracasa manual burr grinder and my Hario v60 which I found out that it isn't exactly portable being very awkward and made of ceramic. The Aeropress is cylindrical and made of plastic which makes it easy to stow in your suitcase and it won't be easy to damage it.

As for brewing methods with the Aeropress, my personal favorite is the inversion method of brewing. This method involves brewing the Aeorpress upside down.

If you brew the traditional way with the Aeropress, you have to be quick not to lose your brewed coffee through the filter before you put the plunger on to create a semi-vacuum. Using the measuring spoon, I found it easy to measure a decently consistent amount of beans (approximately 17g) although a scale would be ideal. As for volume of water used for brewing, the Aeropress has the numbers 1,2,3, and 4 printed on the sides to measure a semi-consistent amount of water. I put my 17g of freshly roasted and freshly ground beans on top of the plunger, cover with hot water and allow to bloom. After 30-45 seconds I fill the entire tube with water, stir with the stirring device, and let brew for 2.5-3 minutes for a good extraction.

Once 3 minutes have passed I attach the filter, put a mug upside down on the Aeropress and quickly flip the brewer to not spill any of the brewed coffee. I gently press the plunger evenly over the course of 30-45 seconds until you hear the hiss of the brewer and then you know your coffee is pressed.

I was using a finer grind than a Hario v60 but I found it to be produce an over-extracted and slightly astringent cup of coffee. I went with a slightly coarser grind and found the coffee to be much more enjoyable. 

Needless to say, next time I will be traveling with the Aeropress instead of my Hario v60! Enjoy!



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