How to travel on vacation and still drink amazing coffee! The guide to bringing your own brew.

July 21, 2017 Kiro Coffee

My family and I recently traveled on a tour of the New England area. Unfortunately if you're into coffee, you realize that hotels don't serve the greatest brew while traveling. Here's your guide to having great coffee while traveling.

What you'll need:

1. Hario V60 with filters An Aeropress may also be a great option for portability.

2. Hand ceramic burr grinder

3. Freshly roasted coffee beans

4. Hot water (usually complimentary in hotel lobbies)


Hario Scale 

Tea Kettle

Grab your Hario and place the filter.

Grab your portable ceramic burr grinder

Mine is still going strong even after I use if almost every morning. It much quieter than other burr grinders especially if you don't want to wakeup the kids...or even worse, your wife! Put your beans in the grinder and get a good shoulder workout from grinding all those beans! Figure out your correct grind size for appropriate extraction. This will take a few batches to get right but you can do it! You can use a scale to get precise grams of beans per cup. I have done it enough times so I can eyeball it and still make a great cup of coffee.

After a couple minutes of exercise and the uplifting scent of freshly ground beans, you're ready for the payoff pour over!

Place your beans in your filter. Don't forget to rinse your filter first to get rid of the paper taste and this will help the filter cling to the cone.

Grab the hot water from your crappy continental breakfast. I just used another paper cup filled with water and poured it over the beans to control the stream of hot water. Pour in smooth, controlled, concentric circles over the grounds. You can use a scale for precise measurements of water. Let it drain.

 Grab your amazing coffee, checkout of that dingy hotel serving lackluster coffee and get to sightseeing! Happy vacation!

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