Does coffee cause cancer? The verdict is out!

September 05, 2016 Kiro Coffee

            Coffee tends to have a somewhat confusing reputation as far as health benefits go. Some will say that it is unhealthy due to the caffeine, but many will tout its almost endless health benefits. Recently, the World Health Organization declared coffee to be non-carcinogenic, meaning it has no components in it that would promote or cause the growth of cancer cells. Though, there is a large line between the health benefits of most espresso based drinks such as mochas, and a simple latte or brewed cup of coffee.

            A cup of coffee consists of 98-99% water, with the remaining 1-2% being dissolved solids. In the dissolved solids, there is caffeine, amino acids, among other things. Coffee is mainly known for its caffeine, which some will say is bad. While high doses of caffeine can have negative effects on a person, an intake of 200-300 mg of caffeine per day for individuals with no existing health issues can benefit greatly from this stimulant. Caffeine promotes circulation, stimulates mental activity, makes it easier to remember things. There has been a significant link found between caffeine intake, and levels of alertness in people.

            Something fairly strange, is how coffee is sometimes used as a treatment for children with ADHD. A study done by “The Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology,” showed that children inflicted by ADHD, when given an amount of coffee, were able to solve logic puzzles, as well as mazes, quicker than children inflicted with the same ailment did without the dose of coffee. Since this study, some doctors will recommend it as a treatment for minor levels of ADHD.

            The amino acids found in coffee can also prevent a good amount of diseases, including type 2 diabetes, different forms of cancer including liver cancer, several illnesses that are caused by inflammation, as well as Alzheimer’s disease. Seeing how coffee starts off as a fruit, it is naturally loaded with antioxidants that prevent free radicals from oxidizing cells, and also makes it easier for the body to process sugar.

            In a study regarding preventing strokes and heart issues, drinking 1-3 cups of coffee per day was shown to reduce the risk of developing an irregular heartbeat, as well as abnormal heart rhythms, by as much as 20%.

            The Turkish also have their own set of beliefs when it comes to the health benefits of coffee. In Turkish tradition, their coffee is very thick, and contains more caffeine than the average cup in America, in a one ounce size. This form of coffee is known to increase the heart rate and cause vasodilation, meaning that blood will flow throughout the body faster, and can improve circulation.

            The benefits of coffee date back to when it was first discovered in Ethiopia, was was used to keep monks awake during long period of prayer, where they were prone to falling asleep. Ever since 850 A.D, coffee has been changing the lives of billions, due to its amazing properties.


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