Announcement: Kiro Coffee to expand into Lockland, Ohio

May 02, 2017 Kiro Coffee

Lockland, Ohio Lands Local Coffee Shop 

We are moving into brick and mortar! 

Our grand opening will take place in Gertz Garden Center which used to be the Sterns and Foster mattress factory in Lockland, Ohio back in the late 1880's.

Grand Opening Information:
Saturday June 3rd from 8am-7pm
Address: 100 Williams Street Cincinnati, OH 45215

1st 20 people get a free coffee, mocha, or latte

Prize Raffle

A Historical Landmark

Sterns & Foster was founded in 1846 by George S. Stearns and Seth Foster and was the first factory to produce cotton wadding. It soon expanded into batting, mattresses and other cotton products. It moved to a factory in Lockland along the Miami-Erie Canal in the late-1880’s. The company grew over the years into multiple buildings spanning 15-acres at over one-million square feet. At the company’s peak in the 1970’s, Stearns & Foster’s Lockland location employed more than 1,200. In 1993, the mattress manufacturing line was bought by the Sealy Corporation which then announced that it would terminate the mattress and bedding lines at the Lockland facility citing the physical plant was too old, had a limited manufacturing capacity and an expiring lease. The number of employees were drastically reduced and the buildings were ransacked with graffiti and fires. The rich history of these buildings is palpable and they are truly beautiful structures. Thanks to Gertz Garden Center and their hard work, Kiro Coffee now has a place to start its journey in the rebuilding of Lockland.

We are so happy to help rebuild and "turn the key" in Lockland. This once prosperous and bustling town will rise again and we are so blessed to be apart of this historical endeavor.


-Kiro Coffee

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